The Puppy Kindergarten class teaches techniques needed to raise a confident social dog.  So many people wait until their dog is an adolescent to start training classes but this can be a big mistake.  It is critical to start your puppy off right. Socialization with people ends at 12 weeks. Socialization needs to be with more then just your family.  Ideally your puppy should meet three strangers every day.  Bite inhibition ends at 18 weeks. Preventing adolescent problems ends at 5 months.  Most puppies appear social and will not show concerns in behavior until they are closer to 8 months.  At this point it is time to repair problems.  Why not prevent them instead?

Our classes focus on bite inhibition, early socialization, developing good temperaments and basic commands.  The class teaches you techniques to train your dog to settle quickly, love being handled, and teaches your dog to focus on you even while in distracting environments.  Our class is mostly off leash and lots of fun for the entire family.

Please note all students are required to wear a mask and social distance from other students. They are also required to hand sanitize and take their temperature with a touchless themometer upon arrival

Next Session 4/25 at 1:30pm

Pre-registration is required along with a $65 deposit.

  • Please register by messaging us on Facebook, via email or texting 774-571-8010.
  • This 5 week course meets once a week for an hour and is held on Sundays at 3 pm.
  • Full cost is $130.
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