Since your dog is a big part of your family there are several things you can do to keep him healthy and in your lives for as many years as possible. While raising your dog you must consider not only his medical health but his nutrition, mental stimulation, and exercise.

Medical Health

Although your dog is susceptible to many diseases and viruses there is a lot you can do  to help protect him.  It is important to develop a good relationship with a local  veterinarian. READ MORE


When you are walking down the food aisle in your local pet store you will notice a large variety of pet foods out there. This may be overwhelming but it is important to do some research about what you are going to feed your dog. READ MORE

Mental Stimulation & Exercise

In order to have a well behaved dog your dog not only needs you to be a good pack leader but it also needs appropriate mental and physical exercise.  Exercise will not only help keep your dog healthy but it will help stimulate their lives. READ MORE