Let’s HEAL Together With Raw Foods

Posted on 20. May, 2015 by in K9 News

Let’s H.E.A.L. Together With Raw Foods!

Everyone know that it is important to eat fruits and vegetables.  And that eating them raw is most nutritious.  But what is eating raw? Why is it beneficial? How can it help both you and your dog and is it safe?
Raw food is any nutritious substance that is uncooked, and unprocessed. The food can be warmed but not above 118 degrees.  So why is this more nutritious?  When food is cooked the heat denature’s proteins and destroys nutrients and enzymes. Nutrients and enzymes that would normally boost digestion and fight chronic disease. So basically cooking kills off a lot of the benefits of the food.
Eating a raw diet has many benefits for you. Raw diets can clear chronic headaches, cure allergies, boosts immune systems, and improves memory.  A raw diet will significantly decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease.  It also can help ease joint pain and arthritis. People often lose weight on a raw diet since the  foods tend to be low in calories, fat, and sodium while high fiber.
And what about your dog? Feeding your dog a raw diet can result in some amazing benefits as well.  Your dogs skin and coat will improve.  Their teeth and gums will be healthier.  They will have improved energy and smaller stools.  They also have the same awesome benefits as us!
So is eating a raw diet the way to go? Well, there are many health benefits with a raw diet but there are concerns as well.  Some nutrients, such as beta-carotene and lycopen, become more nutritious after being cooked.  Plus cooking kills off harmful bacteria. For humans it can be hard to get enough protein, iron, calcium, and B12 with a raw diet. Eating raw or feeding raw to your dog does take a lot of effort and can be very expensive.
If you are making a raw diet for your dog you must make sure it is balanced. Ideally you want 95% meat, organs, and ground bones 5% fruits and veggies.  This can be complicated so I recommend following recipes or purchasing a premade raw diet such as K9 Natural or Nature’s Variety. Obviously when making a raw diet for your dog it is important to keep all surfaces that meat touch clean and for you to watch their bowls after. Grapeseed extract is a great all natural antibacterial you can use to wash all the surfaces any meat came in contact with along with their food bowls after they are done.
So are you going to switch you and your dog over to a completely raw diet? Personally i feed my dogs raw food one or two days a week and a raw beef bone once every week or every other week. I make sure that I enjoy Shakeology daily as it is a nutrient dense superfood meal replacement processed at 115 degrees. I also try and eat lots of raw fruits and veggies every day.  This is what works for me, my dogs, and my budget and we all feel great! So I hope this inspires you to play around and see how much of a raw diet would work for you and your family! If you are interested in learning more about the raw canine diets I mentioned or shakeology please feel free to send me an email and I will happily go over any information you need to feel comfortable. Also feel free to check out these great videos!
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