Let’s HEAL Together By Preventing Cancer

Posted on 20. May, 2015 by in K9 News

Four Steps to Prevent Cancer in your dogs:

As many of you know I lost my sweet 9 month old nephew in February to cancer. Since then I have been spending lots of time studying what is safe to put in and around both my body and in my dogs.  Remember it is better to prevent disease than to treat it and every little step counts! Sadly the primary cause of dog deaths over the age of two is cancer. But you can help your dogs beat the odds with four simple steps.

1. You should reduce the use of chemical flea and tick products on your dogs. It has been proven that the chemicals in these products can cause thyroid and lung cancer.  I have been using all natural products for 4 years on my pets now, including “Don’t Bug Me,” “Pet Naturals of Vermont Flea and Tick Repellent,” and “Natural Defense” Yes They need to be applied more frequently but it is worth their health in my opinion.

2. It has been proven that the chemicals we use to maintain our lawns and provide us that picture perfect home also cause malignant lymphoma in dogs.  Realize that our for legged friends are much closer to the ground and even put pieces of it in their mouths so are much more susceptible than us. Instead kill those annoying weeds with all natural products such as BurnOut http://amzn.to/1DpN9Mb

3. Make sure you know what is in your detergents, soaps, and cleaners.  You would be blown away the amount of cancers these products can cause.  And some companies even try and suck you in by labeling them all natural or safe because it is legal when in the end they are bending the truth because the products can still react with ozone pollution and form ultra fine particles that penetrate deep into the lungs resulting in cancer. Instead play it safe and make your own green cleaning products. Here are a few recipes for you to give a go!
Green all purpose cleaner:
Ingredients: white vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, Castile soap, tea tree oil, olive oil, empty plastic spray bottles, jars with tops, reusable dusting cloths, old cloth towels or diapers, spatula or cardboard (useful for scooping up solids), club soda, plastic bristle scrub brush and/or dobie-type of sponge, permanent marker to label each container.
Deodorizer and Antibacterial Spray:
Use straight 5 percent white vinegar.  Straight vinegar deodorizes; and kills most molds, bacteria and germs. Just spray it on and wipe or rinse it off
Great Hard Floor Cleaner:
Mix vinegar 50/50 with water as a general cleaner, especially for floors.
Toilet Bowl Cleaner:
Spray or pour a cup of vinegar in the bowl, let it stand an hour, then scrub, with or without baking soda sprinkled on the brush.
Furniture Polish:
Mix ½ teaspoon oil, such as olive, or better yet, jojoba (which doesn’t go rancid), which will condition the wood, with ¼ cup white distilled vinegar or fresh lemon juice, to lift dirt out of the wood.
And I could go on and on so do your research and give them a go!

4. And last but not least minimize the use of vaccines.  It has been linked that vaccines can cause lymphoma tumors in dogs and Sarcomas in cats. There have also been documented cases of lymphoma tumors resulting in fibrosarcomas in dogs. No don’t get me wrong. You need to vaccinate your dogs but be smart about it. Discuss your concerns with your vet and talk about the lifestyle your dog will live.  Is your dog going to spend a lot of time hiking in the woods? Will it go to daycare or get groomed? Different lifestyles result in different concerns and vaccines so chose what fits for you and your dog.  Then at your annual exam ask for titer tests on your dog’s vaccines before re-vaccinating your four legged member of the family! It may cost a little more but I bet they will love you for all the extra time you two will have together 🙂