Let’s HEAL Those Allergies!

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Let’s Heal Those Allergies:

I’ve been an allergy sufferer my whole life.  About five years ago my allergies had gotten so bad that I literally considered closing my business. I went and saw a specialist and was allergy tested. The doctor informed me that not only was he concerned that if I had allergy injections I would potentially go into shock because my response to the allergens was so severe, but that he also felt I should not only close my business but re home my pets.  Of course after dedicating my whole life to animals and having six furry friends I considered family I was not going to oblige without exhausting all outlets first.
I decided to attempt acupuncture. At this point in my life I was taking four medications a day for allergies and still was suffering.  After four acupuncture treatments and two tinctures I was allergy FREE! I did not take an allergy pill for 3 years after that and still only need them occasionally.  Now I love researching different natural ways to help keep allergies under control for both you and your pets.
Allergies are an abnormal response from your immune system where your body releases histamines in response to exposure to something your immune system considers an allergen.  Allergies can be both environmental or food related for both you and your canine companion.  This means you can be allergic to things such as corn, wheat, soy, glutens as well as tree or grass pollens, mold spores, dust mites, cleaning products and more.
When your immune system releases histamines in response to an allergen your body or your dogs body will become inflammed, red, irritated and itchy.  Pharmaceutical companies manufacture medications that contain antihistamines to prevent your body from reacting in this way alleviating the symptoms of allergies.  But what if we can do this naturally? The good news is there are many ways you can!
I personally use a herbal tincture called Aller Free and love it.  It is available at injoynow.com.  They also have a great pet line and I love and carry their pet anti itch spray and pet boost powder both of which have helped my animals countless times.
But you can also get allergy relief from an amazing flavoniod found in lots of nutritious foods called Quercetin. Quercetin contains anti-oxident, anti-histamine, and anti-inflammatory properties all of which can relieve allergens.  And to top off that exciting news Quercetin also has some awesome anti-cancer properties.  It helps limit cancer cell growth in breast, colon, prostate, ovarian, and lung tumors.  Cancer thrives off of low grade inflammation which both our pets and ourselves are all susceptible to from allergens and toxins found in our foods and environments. So sounds like a win win nutrient to me!
Quercetin is available in many great foods such as dark berries, cirtus fruits and apples.  Onions and grapes are also wonderful sources but are NOT safe for your dogs.  To reap the awesome benefits of this incredible flavoniod you do need to make sure you are getting the correct dosages.  If you are going to obtain Quercetin strictly through your diet use the chart below to determine your intake requirements.  If you are going to use a supplement it is a great idea to buy one that also contains Bromelain which makes Quercetin more bio available to your body! No matter how you ingest your Quercetin make sure you are in taking proper amounts.  The human dose is approximately 1000mg per 125 pounds.  Your canine companion dose would be calculated as follows.  Take their weight and multiply it by 1000.  Take that answer and divide by 125. Then round up to the closest whole number. So a 70 pound dog would need about 560mg a day to reap the benefits! So why not give Quercetin a go?


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