K9 Etiquette Biggest Loser Pet Edition

Posted on 09. Apr, 2013 by in K9 News, Pet Care

Natural Balance has come out with a new line of weight loss pet foods! These foods contain specific protein fiber ratios that help pets lose weight in a healthy and delicious way.  There is nothing like it on the market! The dog’s formula is only 250kcal/cup while the fat cat formula has 305kcal/cup. Plus the formulas are high in fiber to prevent begging; Fat dog has a fiber of 10.5% while fat cat has a fiber of 9%.  Obesity can lead to heart disease, skin disease, diabetes, joint issues as well as urinary tract disease, incontinence, and bladder stones.  Sadly in the US 53% of dogs are overweight while 55% of cats are.  Is your pet overweight? If so join our Biggest Loser Pet Challenge!

 Challenge running until June 24th!

 Join the challenge by signing up at K9 Etiquette when you purchase your first bag of food!

  • Take a before picture of your pet on the scale at your vet’s office and record their start weight.
  • Submit your photos and weights to K9 Etiquette.
  • Feed Fat Dog or Fat Cat to your pet for 8 weeks.
  • After the 8 weeks is over take an after picture of your pet on the scale at your vet’s office.
  • Submit this photo and their final weight to K9 Etiquette
  • At the end of the challenge K9 Etiquette will award the cat and dog that lost the highest percent of body weight over the 8 weeks a $20 gift card to our facility.  Dogs and cats will be judged separately.