Susanne Shaw, the owner of K9 Etiquette, has been transforming dogs’ lives since 2006 by educating owners about their dog’s mental and physical needs while providing their dogs’ appropriate nutrition.

In November of 2013 Susanne was ready to transform her own health.  For years she had explained to owners how much their behaviors influence their dogs.  After struggling withpain  due to sciatica issues since the age of nine and never obtaining appropriate nutrition for herself she realized it was time to make a change for herself as well!  She realized how her low energy, moodiness, and pain effected not only her dogs but her relationships with her friends and family and committed to making a change.

After getting her own pain levels under control with exercise and nutrition her clients, friends and family started to notice a big change in her demeanor.  She couldn’t help but want to share all she had learned with them too.  She began a new journey in life of not only helping dogs, but also their owners, friends and families all live a healthier happier life together!

It’s now time for us to all heal, so Let’s H.E.A.L. Together!



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