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I am a new dog owner, never had a dog before. You can imagine I have a lot to learn! Susanne has been so helpful. If I have questions, she explains everything to me. I buy just about everything from K9 Etiquette because I trust that the products she sells are healthy for my dog. I do not have to doubt a single item! I signed Mack up for puppy classes and I LOVE going them. The classes are small, so we get a lot of personal attention. We have learned so much.I look forward to every class and I love going home and practicing the skills we are taught. Mack is a totally different dog. He listens better, stops nipping, drops items that he is chewing when I ask him……and so much more.  It is all because of Susanne’s classes. I am going to take all of her classes because I think that is the best chance to have a well behaved dog….. with training from Susanne! I am so happy I signed Mack up with her and can’t wait to see what else we can learn. Thanx Susanne!
– Peggy Baker

Susanne and I used to work together a few years back.  I learned so much from her and when I got my first dog, a Golden Retriever named Stella, we went to several of her puppy classes.  It has been 3 years, and I still find myself praising and recommending Susanne for her great work.  My dog is a wonderful companion thanks to her.  Thanks for all you do Susanne!
– Tracey Samoiloff

Susanne is so patient and helpful. When my dog, Shamus, wouldn’t do the tasks in the way she taught us, she was right there with an alternate way to train him. My dog has responded to the clicker and to Susanne in ways I never would have imagined! THANK YOU, SUSANNE!
– Erin Wilson

Susanne is wonderful. She really knows her stuff about pet food and training. My dogs and I are very glad to have found her.
– Cindi

Susanne completely changed my 7 year old dog’s life!  She is a fantastic trainer with a true passion for helping people and their
– Vinny

Susanne is unbelievable!!! My Puggle “Duke” is more than a handful!! After puppy class and a few home visits “Duke” was still chewing everything including my 3rd cell phone. Susanne more months of chewed up things I went to the shelter and helping us integrate our new dog with Duke. Long story short…she was right!!! Duke is an entirely different dog! We have had “Marlie” for 3 weeks now and he has changed our
lives. Thanks Susanne!!!
– Mary

I loved the class and can’t wait to do the next one. My “shy” dog opened right up and had a great time and that’s thanks to Susanne and her fabulous way with dogs. Thank-you Susanne. See you soon.
– Jo-Ann