Let’s HEAL Those Allergies!

Posted on 11. Dec, 2014 by in Health, Nutrition

H.ealthy E.ating A.nd L.iving for
both you and your dogs!
Let’s Heal Those Allergies:
I’ve been an allergy sufferer my whole life.  About five years ago my allergies had gotten so bad that I literally considered closing my business. I

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How to stop your dog from wanting to chase cars on walks!

Posted on 10. Apr, 2013 by in Got a Question?, K9 News, Training Tips

Car chasing is always a scary experience.  There is always the fear of leashes breaking or being ripped out of your hand so you totally are correct in trying to eliminate this behavior.  Because Rosie has had some previous training

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K9 Etiquette Biggest Loser Pet Edition

Posted on 09. Apr, 2013 by in K9 News, Pet Care

Natural Balance has come out with a new line of weight loss pet foods! These foods contain specific protein fiber ratios that help pets lose weight in a healthy and delicious way.  There is nothing like it on the

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How do I train my dog to stop barking or growling after the doorbell rings or there is a knock at the door?

Posted on 28. Feb, 2013 by in Got a Question?, K9 News, Pet Safety, Training Tips

Door greetings are something many dog owners struggle with.  They can be frustrating and nerve racking. Most dogs understand that the sound of the doorbell or knocking at the door means a guest has arrived.  Dogs will even respond to

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Ask K9 Etiquette Blog: “Why does my dog always kiss me?”

Posted on 26. Oct, 2012 by in Got a Question?, K9 News

Reasons behind dog kisses:
There are many reasons why dogs kiss or lick their owners.  Most owners believe this is their dog’s way of showing affection.  In some instances this is true.  Dogs can learn to mimic their

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Canine Nutrition Lecture!

Posted on 16. Oct, 2012 by in K9 News

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Ask K9 Etiquette: How do I teach my dog to love the vet?

Posted on 05. Oct, 2012 by in Got a Question?, Pet Care, Pet Safety, Training Tips

It can be frustrating and even embarrassing to have your dog misbehave at the vet’s office.  Whether your dog needs to be dragged in the door, is jumping on technicians, barking at the cat sitting across from them, or

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Ask K9 Etiquette: How do I train my dog to be better “off leash?”

Posted on 29. Aug, 2012 by in Got a Question?, Pet Safety, Training Tips

What a great question. Fenced in yards, while being a blessing, can also teach your dog several things such as independence, territorialism, and that you are not needed to provide all the fun.  We may never know the answer

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NEW FEATURE: “Got a Question?”

Posted on 01. Aug, 2012 by in Got a Question?, Pet Care, Pet Safety

Got a question about caring for your pet? During the first two weeks of each month you can submit questions for Susanne to answer. She’ll chose one lucky question each month to blog about for all of you to enjoy

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Help us help needy dogs at Kane’s Cookout Aug 19th

Posted on 15. Jul, 2012 by in K9 News

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